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VancouverSnowRemoval.com’s Team has 15 years of experience working in commercial and residential salting and snow removal in Metro Vancouver and in Fraser Valley.

Snow removal services

We provide commercial snow removal management from industrial buildings, apartment complexes, and retail store fronts


We provide Salting services to apartment buildings, strip malls, and to industrial parks

ice management

Goldrock Security can also work with you to help in deicing and ice management for your location

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Severe winter weather will be on its way. If you haven’t arranged for automatic snow removal, you may find yourself dealing with higher rates, and shell shocked when you can’t find a snow removal company when the snow hits.

This is why we recommend you arrange yourself for automatic snow removal, we recommend you do, so that you way know your parking lots, side walks, and other traffic sites on your sites will be cleared of snow and ice. Vancouver Snow Removal’s clients range from Property Management companies such as Avison and Young and Anthem Properties.

We provide the best snow clearing and removal service in Vancouver, with some of most advanced ice management techniques and materials, and we operate our ship like an IT Shop, so you can be assured that we will be methodical and analytical to get the job done.

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WE BEAT any snow removal company out there

We will price match and beat any other Licensed Snow Removal Company out there or Bob’s our Uncle.


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The only way we have grown our company is making our client is satisfied and happy. Trust us to make you feel at home.

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Here are some reviews from our clients.

VancouverSnowRemoval.com’s team was helpful with making sure our client’s property sidewalks were cleared in a timely manner.
JP Menon, Property Manager

Goldy’s Team was quick and he had the job done better than I expected. I will use them again.


Xi Zhang, Store Owner

I was paying close to about $12k to do the job in 2018, and Goldy’s team saved me about 7k. I was overpaying the other guys, and I appreciated Goldy’s Team for helping my bottom line.

Marshall Stephens, President

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